March 6 – Today’s Featured Photos

from: Lucretia Hellmueller Fletcher Kelly: “USS HORNET 1968 OR 69”

from: Rosemary Jones Stoll: “My dad..Thomas Jones..when he was about 18 or so..he was a bell captain at the Hotel Clovis in Clovis NM”

from: Jeanine Witherell Eaves: “My husband’s ‘Uncle Pete’ James Patrick Eaves, who was born in Arkansas 1924, Enlisted in the United States National Guard from 7 Jan-7 Sep 1940; enlisted in USNavy 7 Jan 1942- 5 Dec 1945 and THEN enlisted in the US Air Force 10 Nov 1947-15 Oct 1948! He was tragically killed in an auto accident in New Mexico in 1957…”

from: Linda M Robbins: “My daddy Arlie Martin World War II”

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