March 4 – Today’s Featured Photos

from: Judith Wilson: “My grandmother holding my mother. Mother was born September 1926.”

from: Susan Hollenbeck: “My great grandfather,Charles Rocks(with necktie), friends,family and pet goat! Early 1900’s..possibly NJ. Thanks, Cuz Robert for sharing this with me!”

from: Gerald Jordan: “My 1st. cousin Dorothy Baxley when she was much younger. I think this 1 was struck in 1949.”

from: Jessica Day Hotchkin Everett: “Here is another picture of my grandmother, Antonia Galcik Mayberry, along with my grandfather Clark Wilkinson Mayberry (left) and her younger brother Walter Galcik. This picture was taken while my PopPop and Uncle Walt were on leave from the Navy during WWII.”

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