March 29 – Today’s Featured Photos

from: Kathy Hansford: “A photo from Kathy”

from: Evan Mercy: “Fredrick Mercy. Born Fredrick Mercier, April 8, 1847. Last name was misspelled by recruiting officer, 17th Vermont Infantry. The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Bethesda Church, Cold Harbor, Weldon Railroad, Petersburg. Collected pension for injuries. Died at Richford May 20, 1904. Buried in All Saints Catholic Cemetery. Father of Frank Mercy, grandfather of Robert and Lynwood Mercy.”

from: Christiane Payton: “Grandma, dad (left) and his brother. Memory picture for grandpa killed in WW1.”

from: Christiane Payton: “My grandpa with his parents, ca 1884.”

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