March 2 – Today’s Featured Photos

from: Gerald Jordan: “My mother and father in law (Easter and Edward Barlow) showing off a catch from the Alabama River in the early 60’s.”

from: Jennifer Blevins-Hoban: “I love this one. The woman on the left holding a guitar is my great great grand aunt, Mabel Lurline Ogle-Poggemeyer. I have no idea who the woman on the right is, probably a friend. I’m almost certain this was taken while aunt Mabel was in college.”

from: Susan Vesper Parvin: “My great-great grandfather Cord Ahrens with his delivery wagon for his grocery store Brooklyn New York circa late 1890’s.”

from: Cathy Christel Ott: “My grandparents, Joseph and Magdalena Blum on their wedding day, Feb. 1, 1908 in New Brunswick, NJ”

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