March 1 – Today’s Featured Photos

from: Sheila Eddis-Shaw: “My mother and younger brother Joe in the 1920’s”

from: Dawn Loreng Scala: “I think this is my great great grandfather in Sweden.”

from: Brenda Hughes McCarthy: “Guessing by the car license plate…1950. My paternal great grandmother, Granny Ida Weldon. She was blind. A very sweet lady. She had a hard life.”

from: Brenda J Morris: “My Great-Great Grandfather made this laundry truck. He lived in Altoona, Pa and had his own horse and carriage business, then went to automobiles in the 1920’s and my Grand-mother his daughter was one of the first girls in her group of friends to own a Model T. She would allow all her friends to drive it. My Great-Great Grandfather’s name was Crawford Russell Delozier and he went missing in the early 1930’s. My Grandmother said he got up for work one day and left never to return home again. He also made one of the first Hearses in Altoona, PA. As you see in the picture his business is in the back ground. It was on 27th street and 6th ave in Altoona, PA the home he built is still there today just not the business.”

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