July 24 – Featured Vintage Photos on My Old Photos

from: Avis Dillon Rader: “This is my great-aunt, Abigail Verlena Swiger. She died on May 24, 1957 at the age of 95. She was a “spinster” or old maid.”

from: Jennifer Blevins-Hoban: “My great-great grand aunt, Mabel Lurline Ogle-Poggemeyer, was a member of the Toledo W.C.T.U. She’s the second woman behind the driver (wearing glasses). I also have her Suffrage photo. They’re both huge and on board.”

from: Norma Mcgrew: “my sisters and me…norma, Brenda, n Janice rainey”

from: Ivon Ragan-Jarvis: “My sister Marylee Ragan; my dad Thad Ragan; my brother; Louis Ragan & in the background is my Uncle Harvey Ragan taken back during World War II …. My dad was working on his old car in this picture..”

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