January 29 – Featured Vintage Photos on My Old Photos

from: Judy Swenson: “Summer of 1948, our grandmothers holding my twin sister and me, Alliance, Ohio”

from: Mark Moore: “My dad created a “WWII Photo Compiler” with photos taken of him, photos he took and photos he found while in Europe during WWII in the 101st Airborne. This is a favorite of mine – showing my dad as he gave a kid in France a piece of gum!”

from: Bryan Dennison: “My mother, second from right, in 1944 with her Sunday School class in Dillon, Colorado.”

from: Ivon Ragan-Jarvis: “My sister Marylee Ragan; my dad Thad Ragan; my brother; Louis Ragan & in the background is my Uncle Harvey Ragan taken back during World War II …. My dad was working on his old car in this picture..”

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