February 4 – Featured Vintage Photos on My Old Photos

from: Deboriah Greeson: “Here is a fun old photo. My dad with a girl in Hawaii. lol He loved the girls. He was very young when he went into the Navy, only 17, during WWII.”

from: Deboriah Greeson: “This is a picture of the basketball team that my mother played on in the 40’s. She is on the bottom row to the right of the first ball.”

from: Bridget Karuza Jones: “1937, My dad and his friends..they look like something from Our Gang. My dad is the one on the left with dark hat…about 14-15 yrs. old. Handsome guy,,,”

from: W.k. Smith: “Photo Post Card of Will Rogers and Big Jim taken at the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas, tX 1936”

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