February 28 – Today’s Featured Photos

from: Joy Murphy Walsh: “The Millwater family 1930. My Grandmother and her family there were 17 children and oh so many cousins. I wish I could name everyone in the picture.”

from: Linda M Robbins: “Pier in New York when my Uncle Gordon Miller’s ship docked on his return state side after being stationed overseas during WWII This was either 1945 or 1946”

from: Elissa Newton: “I love this picture. I found it at a thrift shop under a bunch of frames a few years ago. The back reads “Grandma Miles in Cuba 1953 or 54?”Not sure how anyone could let go of such a family treasure but I appreciate it & thought you would too.”

from: Gerald Jordan: “Uncle James and Aunt Gladys McCart. Late 40’s”

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