February 27 – Today’s Featured Photos

from: Fay Kobland: “Tracy Finley (TF) Major my great grandfather. On the road in Texas with a friend.”

from: Fay Kobland: “My grandmother, Lorene, as a child in western Oklahoma. This picture was in the local newspaper. Her nickname was “crackers”. I did not know of this until recently. Apparently a photographer would show up at their farm house to take pictures. So I have many of her.”

from: Ralph Goff: “My great uncles, Alf and Jack Goff about 1937”

from: Camille Lynn Foster Sciscoe: “Not sure what year this was taken but this is my Great Grandpa Miller. This to me is how a true gentleman dressed back then. Such a handsome man he was. Wish I could have met him.”

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