February 24 – Featured Vintage Photos on My Old Photos

from: Pamela Devantier Price: “I copied this picture from this “My Old Photo” site today (5-19-14) because her family name was in the caption. The caption didn’t print with the picture, and now I can’t find the photo on this site. Can anyone help me?? Thanks!”

from: Jodel Guerrero: “my grandparents on a date”

from: Gail Aduddell: “My Dad Daniel is the little guy and my Uncle Harold…. Florance, Colo.”

from: Gail Aduddell: “Have a ancestor in this picture, won’t say who she may come down from Heaven with the ping pong paddle after me if I do, this picture would of been taken in Florance Colorado around 1910-1913”

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