February 19 – Featured Vintage Photos on My Old Photos

from: Dana Henson: “My cousin Dale W. Whitson. Born Feb, 4, 1923 and died approx. Aug. 16 1944. He was in the Army Corp. and shot down over Germany and killed by civilians.”

from: Gerald Jordan: “My Grandmother Dora Elizabeth Jordan, She was too young to be my Grandmother here because she was 50 in 1950 when I was born. My daddy was born right before she was 20 in 1920 so it is possible she was not even a mother in this pic.”

from: Helen Helena June Harry: “Helen and Paul Walgren 27 Dec 1943 wedding day”

from: Dae Van Noy: “This is a picture of my beautiful Grandmother taken in in the late ’40’s, early ’50’s. She did some modeling back in her day.”

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