February 11 – Featured Vintage Photos on My Old Photos

from: Marilyn Osterhout: “Harry and Clara Fielding Ladd were my great grandparents.”

from: Linda Westbrook: “1947, My Dad serving aboard the USS Tarawa”

from: Judy Bond: “3rd Grade, Elk City, Oklahoma, c.1914My mother (Vera Havenhill) is in 2nd row from blackboard, fifth child from both front and back. Her sister (Ruth Havenhill) is in 3rd row from blackboard, first child in the front. Count the number of children in this class with one teacher. Look at the penmanship on the blackboard, everyone’s clothes and hair. They have been instructed to clasp their hands on the desk-top in front of them and hold still.”

from: Jennifer Blevins-Hoban: “3x great grandparents, Delilah Barror de Lapine-Smith and Henry Shea “Smith” (he was born Shea and changed his name to Smith). Henry was a Civil War veteran, serving for the Union out of Illinois. Circa 1885, Cleveland, Ohio.”

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