April 26th Featured Photos

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antique appraisal vintage

from: Lynne Birdsong: “May Dad on the far left and his two cousins. This picture was taken about 1943.”

wedding vintage

from: Anne McKinney Lanier: “My parents at Table Rock, SC, April 25, 1941.”

old war photo

from: Kristie Formolo: “This is my grandpa, Henry Hendrickson (on left) with his friend John Posch. My grandpa was born in 1896, and we think this photo was taken around 1915. Both Henry and John worked on the George Howe farm in Casselton, North Dakota, and it looks like they are wearing their “Working” clothes!”

old wedding photo

from: ‘Shannie Rogers Geyer: “From Shannie Rogers, Pic of my Grandma on her wedding day in NYC 1927”

venice beach vintage photo

from: Karen Martin Carpenter: “Venice Beach, California in the 1930’s.”

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